Easy way to create & offer coupon codes for discounts to your customers and process them on your shopping cart on your e-commerce website

Ultimate Web Builder enables you to easily create & offer coupon codes for discounts to your customers and process them in your shopping cart on your e-commerce website.  On your Admin Panel, you can set the dollar amount (in your chosen currency) or percentage discount.  You can even set whether it should be applied to all products, or selected products that you choose – choose one, or a few…  You can also set a confirmation text that will be displayed underneath the coupon code text field for the customer, to tell them what the coupon discount amount is and what it can be applied towards, so they don’t have to guess/check.  Just click the “Add Coupon” button at the end of this Add Coupon form, and you have added your coupon code to the shopping cart of your website!  To display the Coupon Code text field on any page, just copy/paste the Placeholder Text provided on the Admin Panel Coupons List page to the page where you want it.  As with all the other website builder functions, all language used is custommizeable by you – so you not only can choose the language you want it in, you can choose the wording you want to use too – down to the Submit Coupon button text used.  Offering coupon codes is a great way to kick off a new product or offer special deals and promotions, part of many online advertising & flyer marketing campaigns.

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