Maximized E-Commerce Solution Extending the PayPal Shopping Cart

Ultimate Web Builder 2 includes an integrated maximized e-commerce solution extending the PayPal Shopping Cart.  The standout additional e-commerce features Ultimate Web Builder offers are our coupon codes application that works with your PayPal buttons configured directly on your website Admin Panel, the ability for you to choose which item option fields and menus are required to be filled by customers, and to require an “I agree to Terms of Service” verification – you pick the wording – with a link to your terms of service agreement or other document you are referring to, before the customer adds the item to the cart. Furthermore, using your website Admin Panel to configure your PayPal button makes the process so easy – for later editing too – all instances of the PayPal button on your website will be updated automatically once you update it from the PayPal button section of your Admin Panel.

Here is an overview of the features of the Ultimate Web Builder integrated e-commerce solution using the PayPal Shopping Cart:

  • Sell your goods/services and accept donations online
  • Coupon Codes Management: Set coupons with a dollar amount or percentage discount, applicable on all products, or selected products; coupon code displayed on received orders after each product name it has been applied to, so that you may track your marketing campaigns and success
  • Choose from 5 different buttons: Buy Now, Subscribe, Donate, Add To Cart, View Cart
  • Configure PayPal button options directly on your admin panel
  • Choose from the list of available PayPal currencies
  • Subscriptions: Offer trial periods, create an installment plan, or bill continuously until you or your client cancels
  • Donations: Enter in a fixed value or allow web visitor to input 
  • Item options: Include up to 5 menus with up to 10 options each, and 2 text fields (PayPal max configurations)
  • Configure pricing variations based on item option menu selection
  • Require customer to enter option field or select menu option for an item
  • Require customer to agree to Terms, Privacy, etc. prior to adding purchase item, and include link to referred page
  • Configure price variation based on menu option selected
  • Include your PayPal button anywhere in any page you create simply by copying/pasting the provided “Placeholder Text” where you want it – each time you edit your button options, any instance of your button in your pages will automatically be updated too
  • Set a custom payment confirmation/cancellation message
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