Upgrade UWB 3.1 – Forms & Surveys builder, Polls app, Top/Footer non-scrolling bars, Responsive & Flowing Design Updates, Classifieds app

We have a big upgrade release coming soon, Ultimate Web Builder 3.1!  Features added include:

1) Forms & Surveys Builder – Build as many custom forms and surveys as you want.  Unlike 3rd party form builder applications you don’t have to follow strict limits on how many forms and surveys you can create or how many submissions you can get. No paying more for getting more than a handful of responses…it’s now a built-in feature to Ultimate Web Builder!  And we really went all out with the app features – create and customize the fields/type of fields, what’s required/optional, choose to create answer-dependent fields (where if you choose a, you get question 2, choose b, you get question 3, etc.), and multi-page forms/surveys!  You can also choose to automatically store submissions in your database, and/or email to you, an admin, or to mailing list groups.  There are a lot of uses for this forms & surveys builder app!

2) Polls App – You know those polls on popular online magazines and social websites?  Now your website can have them too, easy peasy!  Increase social interactivity and interest by providing content-related poll questions & results.  There are lots of customization options here – customize the fields/types, what’s required/optional, when visitors may view poll results (i.e. require voting first), and even the coloring of the bars showing who voted what.  Actually, you can even choose to display who voted what, or just display the percentages with the bars visual display.

3) Top / Footer Non-Scrolling Bars – Facebook has it, Twitter has it, … a lot of social networking websites have it, including a new upcoming social networking website built with UltimateWB that is launching soon (stay tuned for a blog on that!).  And now your website can have it too, no problem.  It’s as easy to filling in a form and editing content on Word software for example.  You can customize the look of it, and the content.  Choose to display your menu there, social media share buttons, or your login boxes.

4) Responsive & Flowing Styles Manager Design Updates – Now you will have even more flexibility with your website design, without any coding experience.  For each page element – top bar, header, top content, center content, photo content, bottom content, footer, footer bar, etc. – you can choose a percentage width, background color, background image, content width… Your pages, including photo gallery/slideshow pictures, can easily expand to the full length of a user’s screen if you want – the software automatically resizes and displays the page/photo per the user’s screen size.  Now that’s responsive!

5) Classifieds App – You already can sell stuff, but now you will be able to allow other people sell stuff on your website too, or just post ads if you want.  The choice is yours.  Like eBay, you can even set a price for the ads, and a percentage transaction fee when the user makes a sale.  Organize ads into categories.  Set a member group requirement for posting and/or accessing posts.  Set the transactions to be carried out by a new Credits System.  You can set a default number of credits members start with, and/or require members to buy credits.  Lots of customization options!!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, or post a comment!

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