Should you get .com, .org, and .net domain names – all the tld’s?

If you ask GoDaddy, the answer is yes, right?  When you try to buy a domain name with GoDaddy you are repeatedly urged to purchase the other top level domain names (tld’s) available for purchase, and, and …even and some other ones.  So you might be wondering, should I buy the other domain name extensions for my website?  Is it necessary, or a good idea?  Does it “protect” my domain name/website? The real answer is that it depends.  It depends on what you are using the website for, and what you would use the extra domain name extensions for.

If you want to promote your website/company as an organization providing lots of free services, you might want to use the .org domain name as your main domain name.  But then you might think what if people think that your website is .com – you might be losing traffic that way.  So, it would be good then to purchase the .com domain name too (if it’s available), and then redirect it to your .org domain name.

Maybe you have commercial content on a .com website and want to offer free services too.  In that case, if you want to have two separate websites, it would be good to get the .org domain name too for your freebie website – same name just different domain name extension.

Generally, most people think of website domain names as .com.  So if you have the .com domain name, it is not a huge necessity or benefit to purchase the other domain name extensions if you are just going to redirect them to your .com website.  Also, that won’t make any dent in your search engine optimization and ranking.

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