What are some successful examples of rebranding in the startup world?

The startup world is full of companies that adapt and grow, sometimes requiring a rebrand to reflect that evolution. Here are some examples of successful rebranding in startups:

Dunkin’ Brands:

You might know them for their donuts, but Dunkin’ Donuts underwent a rebrand in 2020 to simply Dunkin’. This streamlined their name, reflecting their menu expansion into beverages and snacks. It also felt more modern and targeted a younger audience while still retaining brand recognition.


This classic toymaker faced a rough patch in the early 2000s. Their rebranding focused on what made them successful: the core brick building experience. They invested in digital content and re-established themselves as relevant to a new generation of kids. This turnaround is considered one of the most successful rebrands ever.

Airbnb (2014):

From “rental marketplace” to “belonging anywhere,” Airbnb’s rebrand went beyond transactions. Their new logo and messaging tapped into the emotional connection of travel, resonating with a broader audience seeking unique experiences.

Dropbox (2017):

Dropbox started as a simple storage solution. Their rebrand expanded their appeal by highlighting collaboration features. A sleek logo and focus on teamwork positioned them as a central hub for creative workflows.

Winc (2016):

Winc ditched the snooty stereotype of wine with a playful rebrand. A catchy name, revamped logo, and approachable messaging targeted millennials who wanted to explore wine without feeling intimidated.

Outcome Health (2017):

Facing transparency issues, Outcome Health prioritized trust in their rebrand. Ethical marketing and a clear brand identity emphasizing patient well-being became their core message.

MongoDB (2016):

This database company needed to stand out in a crowded market. They simplified their messaging and introduced a bold new logo, establishing themselves as a leader in the big data solutions arena.

Slack (2019):

Slack, the communication platform, streamlined their logo and messaging to emphasize user experience. Their rebrand focused on making work collaboration smoother and more efficient.

Dollar Shave Club (2016):

Dollar Shave Club disrupted the shaving industry with humor. Their rebrand maintained that playful edge, solidifying their position as a convenient and affordable alternative to traditional razor companies.

Soylent (2017):

Soylent, the meal replacement drink, initially had a sterile image. Their rebrand focused on taste and convenience, utilizing warmer colors and a more approachable logo to appeal to a wider audience.

Instagram (2016):

Instagram, the photo-sharing app, simplified its logo while retaining core elements. This rebrand reflected their evolution beyond just photos, encompassing a wider range of content creation.

SurveyMonkey (2019):

SurveyMonkey, the online survey platform, broadened its reach with a rebrand. A new logo and messaging positioned them as a data-driven solution for businesses of all sizes.

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These startups prove that rebranding is a powerful tool for growth. By understanding their core identity while adapting to market shifts and audience needs, they were able to craft compelling messages that resonated and propelled them to success. The key takeaway is that successful rebranding involves understanding your core identity while strategically evolving to resonate with your target audience.

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