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How To Create And Integrate Forms & Surveys In Your Website

You can customize your Forms configuration under the Admin Panel > Configure Site > Social Networking > Forms tab.


Social Networking Setup

Here you can customize the language phrases and settings.


Forms Setup

You can create forms/surveys under the Admin Panel > Elements > Add Form page.


Create Form/Survey


On this page you can customize the form/survey, such as how you want to process the form, if you want to save the submitted form data in the database, who can submit the form/how many times, who can access the data, etc., and language phrases.


Create Form/Survey & Customize


Next, you will want to create the form fields for the form/survey.  Go to the Admin Panel > Elements > List Forms page.


List Forms

List Forms


There, click on the Fields button to go to the Form Fields page. 


Form Fields


(You can also get to the List Fields page by clicking on the "List Fields" link on the Edit Form page).


List Form Fields


There click on the Add Form Field tab on the right side of the page.


Add Form Field Link


You can add up to 20 form fields at one time.


Add Form Fields Page


And finally, to embed your created form/survey in your webpage, get the Placeholder Text on the List Forms page, and just copy/paste it where you want!


Forms Placeholder Text

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