Truth Social Rockets in Second Day of Trading: A Look Behind the Headlines

Many set a goal to take their social network public. Former President Donald Trump did that this week.

Former President Donald Trump’s foray into the world of social media has taken Wall Street by storm, with his company, Trump Media & Technology Group, experiencing a meteoric rise in its second day of trading on the Nasdaq. But behind the headlines of soaring stock prices lies a complex narrative that speaks to the intersection of politics, finance, and technology.

Riding the Wave

Trump Media & Technology Group, with its flagship platform Truth Social, saw its shares surge by 13% on Wednesday morning, following a 16% gain on its debut day. This impressive rally has propelled the company’s market value to a staggering $9.3 billion, with Trump himself holding a stake valued at $5.2 billion — at least on paper.

The Meme Stock Phenomenon

Dubbed as a potential “meme stock,” DJT, (named after the former President himself), has captured the attention of investors on both sides of the political spectrum. Some see it as an opportunity to express their support for the former President, while others view it as a chance to capitalize on market frenzy.

Short-Selling Headaches

Trump Media’s soaring stock price has made it the most expensive stock to short in the U.S., presenting challenges for investors looking to bet against the company. With limited shares available to borrow and high interest in shorting the stock, navigating the market dynamics surrounding DJT is proving to be a tricky endeavor.

The Truth Social Buzz

Amidst the market frenzy, Truth Social users have been vocal about their excitement, with some even urging fellow conservatives to drive the stock price above $100 per share. Trump himself has been quick to tout the platform’s success, declaring his love for Truth Social and its mission to reclaim the internet from Big Tech censors.

Navigating Uncertain Terrain

However, beneath the surface of the market euphoria lies a stark reality: Trump Media’s financial prospects remain uncertain. With losses of $49 million in the first nine months of last year and minimal revenue to show for it, investors could be in for a bumpy ride as they navigate the company’s fiscal challenges.


As Trump Media & Technology Group continues to capture headlines and dominate market discussions, investors must approach the company’s stock with caution. While the allure of market hype may be tempting, the underlying financial fundamentals of Truth Social and its parent company demand careful consideration. In the unpredictable world of finance, separating truth from hype is essential for making informed investment decisions.

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