Wix does not allow you to add SSL to your websites

With Google pushing for all websites to be hosted with SSL, to protect personal data and increase website security, Wix still does not allow you to add SSL to your website.  It is currently a feature request their customers are asking for, however, with no ETA on it.

Thanks for reaching out. I’m afraid that currently, it is not possible to add an SSL certificate to your site.

Entering your site address as https://…com may cause your browser to display a privacy error such as the one below:

SSL Website Error

(via Wix Support, 5 days ago)

It should be noted that Wix does use a secure server for payments made through your Wix site.  However, unfortunately this does not extend to other information and website content deemed private, nor does it help any with Google putting a higher ranking for SSL websites.

This is a good example of a disadvantage of having your website connected to your web hosting without any option to mix/match – i.e. hosted website builders.  With hosted solutions, when you find an issue with your web hosting – whether you need more space or more resources to handle your traffic, or a better deal on pricing after price increases or requirements to upgrade arise – you will need to do rebuild your website from scratch.

Hosted Solution, Self-Hosted website, and the Best Option

What is the difference between hosted website builders and website builder software?

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