Why use WordPress vs. Wix, Weebly, etc.?

I would choose WordPress over Wix, Weebly, and other hosted website builders that restrict you to just use their web hosting, and pay the monthly fees they choose and may increase, or you lose your website. With WordPress you can download the software and install it on the web hosting server you choose, and you get access to your files and the web hosting control panel. WordPress is great for blogs, but it can get very complicated for websites, and adding various plugins to get the functionality you want. And with each upgrade, you risk your website functionalities breaking because of incompatibilities, but if you don’t upgrade you risk your website security. There is also increased security risks with each third party plugin you add to WordPress.

My go to website builder is UltimateWB – it has all the built-in features you need, so you don’t have to search/install third party plugins and it’s easy upgrading. You can choose to host with UltimateWB, or install it on another web hosting server you choose. There’s so much flexibility with UltimateWB. Web designers and web developers use UltimateWB too because it cuts on web development cost and time and doesn’t restrict what you can do with it – you can build any type of website with it, and you can even add your own coding to it if you want. But really you need no experience to use UltimateWB and create a very advanced website.

Got a techy/website question? Whether it’s about UltimateWB or another website builder, web hosting, or other aspects of websites, just send in your question in the “Ask David!” form. We will email you when the answer is posted on the UltimateWB “Ask David!” section.

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