Ultimate Web Builder 2.4 is here! Check out the newest E-Commerce App Upgrade!

You can check out the newest release of the Ultimate Web Builder software on the Online Demo – www.redesigns.org/web-builder/demo ! The biggest upgrade is to the E-Commerce App – it is the best and most advanced – with the most options – E-Commerce software!  Like with the rest of the built-in apps the Ultimate Web Builder software comes with, you get to choose the formatting, style, and design – no out of the box templates you have to work with!

Here is an overview of what’s new:

E-Commerce App Upgrade

    • 3 Ecommerce Types to choose from:
      • Paypal Shopping Cart
      • Website Shopping Cart with PayPal Checkout
      • Website Shopping Cart/Checkout (order gets emailed to you for processing)
  • Customer Login
    • Choose to require customer login to shop, or to checkout
  • Buttons
    • Use default shopping cart buttons or customize with your own button images
  • Items Management
    • Categorize items into categories
    • Copy/paste the Placeholder Text for a category on a Page where you want it
    • Customize the display of items on the category page, including click to item’s individual page and photo zoom
    • Choose to just copy/paste the Placeholder Text for an individual item on a Page where you want it
    • Customize the display of individual items on your website
    • Each item has its own item page dynamically created too
  • Item Pages
    • Automatically and dynamically create individual item pages – you choose the URL – SEO optimized too!
    • Choose the formatting for each category of items
    • Choose the photo/slideshow/gallery configurations of the Item’s picture(s) – includes photo zoom
  • “Related Items” Feed / “People who purchased this also purchased…” Feed
    • Easily incorporate “Related Items” and “People who purchased this also purchased…” feeds on your Item Pages with one click! Choose the location & customize.
  • Customize & Format the Shopping Cart Display, View Cart, and Check Out pages!
  • Configure Shpping Options & Tax Locations/Rates directly from your Admin Panel
    • Shipping/tax get applied only if applicable (configurable on your Admin Panel)
    • Alternatively choose to handle it on the PayPal Checkout instead, based on your configurations on your website Admin Panel and on your PayPal Account
  • Give access to downloadable items after purchase
    • Choose to give access automatically after purchase, or manually configure it
    • Choose period of time to grant access, or choose unlimited access
  • Inventory
    • Keep track of item inventory automatically – either after customer purchase or after purchase confirmation
    • You can set inventory for different Item Option selections too!
    • Choose to automatically display a “Limited Supply” message when an item’s inventory reaches a certain amount
    • Choose to automatically display an “Out of Stock” message when an item is out of stock, and/or to allow or not allow purchases of out-of-stock item
  • Payments Management
    • Keep track of payments and incoming orders
    • Orders purchased from the E-commerce App automatically get inserted into the database
    • Payment status updated automatically if using PayPal as the payment system
    • Add/Edit orders from the Admin Panel, for when receiving requests by mail or email, or in store
  • Item Ratings & Reviews
    • Choose to allow reviews on items, with a 5 point rating system and text box for customer review
    • Allow anonymous reviews, or require customer login
    • Choose reviews processing – automatic approval, require admin approval, or only require admin approval when user is not logged in
    • Choose to use CAPTCHA code to reduce spam for posting reviews
    • Use the default star rating images, or customize with your own images
  • Social Plugin Easy Integration
    • Integrate the Facebook Like, Twitter Share, and Google +1 buttons/social plugins in your Item Pages easily with one click – choose to have the social icon buttons on the top of the page, bottom of the page,  or both!
  • Affiliates System
    • Choose whether members automatically are approved as an affiliate, or require admin approval
    • Set commission rate
    • Choose whether affiliates may receive a commission on their own orders
    • Upload your banners, text links, and banner/text mixed ads
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