WordPress e-commerce plugin WooCommerce – Upgrading Problems

broken shopping cart

To upgrade or not to upgrade.  Many times it is clear that you must upgrade, either to solve new security issues found, or to fix functionality bugs newly found or newly existing due to changing technology/internet browsers.  But if you are having to upgrade a bunch of software that are to work together in your website – rather than one all-in-one software like UltimateWB – it can prove to be a daunting task.  And also an expensive task where you are losing money if it involves your website shopping cart system.

When upgrading WordPress, especially if you are using it as a website, you will have to think about all the plugins you have added to your website to add more website functionality to it, like for e-commerce or a members system.  Upgrading/fixing one part of your website can literally break your website.  One craigslist poster is faced with this exact issue, posting yesterday:

woocommerce upgrade issues

The craigslist poster’s add to cart button has stopped functioning on his e-commerce website.  And “updating plugins or latest woocommerce software update…crash [his] site or delete all [his] +300 plus images attached to [his] product”.  Good thing he seems to have backups to restore his deleted images.  Based on his situation, he acknowledges his only solution is custom coding to make his website work again.  Perhaps a one-time flat fee now, but he may need to pay for the same kind of services once another WordPress upgrade rolls around, or an upgrade in technology/internet browsers.

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