Accept Online Orders & Credit Card Payments With Ultimate Web Builder’s integrated PayPal Shopping Cart

Ultimate Web Buider makes building your online store and accepting online orders and credit card payments very easy with the integrated PayPal shopping cart.  All you need to accept your payments online is to sign up for your free personal or business PayPal account on the PayPal website and then all the set-up of your PayPal “Buy Now” and “Add To Cart” buttons is on your own website Admin Panel – what connects it all is your registered email address on PayPal which you input in your PayPal buttons form.  Read all about creating your PayPal buttons on our online User Manual, “Shopping Cart: Configuring & Adding PayPal Buttons”: .  You can create items with several menu options and fill-in text option fields – and you can even require selections.  Like the php/html coding, Ultimate Web Builder does all the javascript coding for you.

So why use Ultimate Web Builder software to build your website AND your PayPal buttons/e-commerce store?  You could just copy/paste the PayPal buttons code into your website, but with the Ultimate Web Builder system you can require fields and you can also offer discounts for special promotions by creating online coupon codes – you choose how much discount it provides and what item(s) it applies to!  Also, it is much easier to manage your PayPal buttons and website with Ultimate Web Builder.

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