What are pretty or clean URLs? They are good and UltimateWB has them!

If you’re shopping around for a website builder, chances are you came across the term pretty URLs, or clean URLs.  If you’re wondering what makes a url pretty or clean, here’s the scoop.

First things first, it’s good to know that pretty/clean urls are good and you want them for your website!  A url is pretty or clean when it is in easily readable format for people.  So, the url consists of mostly words, with backslashes “/” to denote categories or sections of the website.  Also, if it’s really pretty/clean, there’s no file extension followed by the page name.  So no page.php, or page.html, or page.asp.  With really good coding practices (like with UltimateWB!), your webpages are accessible with or without any and all of these page extensions.  There are varying amounts of pretty/clean urls with various software.  Some still use page extensions, but at least their page urls aren’t in the format www.your-website.com?page=1, www.your-website.com?page=2, etc… You want to stay away from that – very bad for your search engine ranking, besides user friendliness.

So that brings us to the next topic – why do you want pretty and clean urls?  Besides the user friendliness, it is great for seo (search engine optimization) and your search engine ranking.  Some may argue that it is also good to leave the page extension out of your urls for security, so that hackers don’t know what programming languages you are using.  But chances are that if the hacker knows how to hack your website, or try to do it, they will know how to figure out what programming languages your website is using.

User friendlieness and seo – that is enough to want pretty and clean urls for your website!  There’s also the satisfaction of the urls being pretty and clean, right?!  That’s why we include pretty and clean urls in all versions of UltimateWB, even UltimateWB Essentials+ that is only $49, one-time fee.

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