Should I switch from Squarespace to WordPress?

I prefer WordPress to Squarespace. It gives you more flexibility and customizability. But WordPress can be a lot more complicated/harder to use than Squarespace. If you wanted to switch, I would switch to UltimateWB, It is also very flexible and customizable, while also being very easy/fast – it has lots of built-in apps to get the functionalities that you want right out-of-the-box. With WordPress you have to find/install plugins for more features, and may get increased security risks, slower page loads, and trouble when upgrading your website due to plugin incompatibilities. WordPress is good for blogs because you don’t really need to mess with plugins then. Also it’s super easy to design the style for your website with UltimateWB because it has a built-in styles manager. No experience necessary with UltimateWB.

Another great thing with WordPress and UltimateWB is that they are downloadable software and you can choose your web host with them – with Shopify you have no choice. UltimateWB does offer web hosting plans as an option too – they include the software install service free.

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