SEO Friendly URLs – Better Search Engine Ranking

RE Designs Ultimate Web Builder software uses SEO friendly URLs – no for the webpages you build – they will have static URLs – and you get to pick them.  For example, for your ‘About Us’ page, you could choose “about-us” for the file name, for your ‘Wedding Photos Portfolio’ page you could choose “wedding-portfolio” or “wedding-photos”, etc.  What does this mean?  It is one of the answers to ‘how to increase your chances of a higher Google ranking?’ – or your ranking on any search engine.  While it is not necessary to have all your urls SEO friendly like this for a high search engine ranking, it is not good to have your whole website to consist of one static page such as page.php followed by a page id (as in the url or like is the case in many other website builder software.

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