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How to deal with bad bots and crawlers that waste your server resources and harm your website?

It is true that there are bad bots and crawlers that can potentially harm your website by consuming server resources, engaging in scraping, or attempting to exploit vulnerabilities. These malicious bots can negatively impact your website’s performance, security, and user … Continue reading

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UltimateWB 6.1 Software Upgrade Available – Question & Answer Pairs Captcha Option Added!

It’s ready for download! All UltimateWB software versions have gotten an update to the Captcha for contact forms. Besides just the verification code option to help control spam, you now have the option to ask users to answer a question. … Continue reading

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Fun Trivia: What does CAPTCHA stand for?

If you’re familiar with web design, you probably heard of CAPTCHA and that it’s used to reduce spam on online forms.  As the capital letters denote, it does actually stand for something.  That is,  “completely automated public Turing test to tell … Continue reading

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Tired of spam on your forum? Here are the most effective ways to have spam free message boards!

Spammy posts on your forum are bad.  Constantly having to delete the spam from your message boards takes time away from interacting with your members and doing other productive work for your website, such as writing new content (like a blog … Continue reading

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