UltimateWB 6.1 Software Upgrade Available – Question & Answer Pairs Captcha Option Added!

It’s ready for download! All UltimateWB software versions have gotten an update to the Captcha for contact forms. Besides just the verification code option to help control spam, you now have the option to ask users to answer a question. The UltimateWB Full version also has this Question & Answer Pairs Captcha option for the members registration form and the Forms Builder app. For the latter, you can choose to only use the selected Captcha option if the user is not logged in. And of course, you always have the option to not use Captcha at all.

The new UltimateWB software update comes with 10 default question & answer pairs. You can add/edit, activate/inactivate question and answer pairs from your website admin panel, via the Configure Site > Basic Setup > Q & A, Captcha page. Customize related phrases: Captcha Question, Switch Question, Answer, Wrong answer.

With the new Question & Answer Pairs Captcha, users may switch the question in the form if they need to. It’s currently in action on our Contact Form and Member Registration Form – check it out! You can play around with the new software update and admin panel on our demos! Check out the list of what’s new on the What’s New page under the “Features” tab.

We welcome your feedback!

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