HTML5, CSS3, Responsive App, Content Editor Upgrades Released in UWB 3.4!

upgrade-easyWe have just released Ultimate Web Builder 3.4 with some very exciting new features! The new upgrade makes it very easy to create a high-end website – and mobile website! – without any coding experience!

HTML5 – First we have upgraded UWB to HTML5.

Responsive App – This can be used to easily create a mobile website in minutes, if not seconds.  Just turn it On and your website will be automatically reformatted based on the user’s window size.  We have provided configuration suggestions for each setting, and you can tweak it how you want!  The best part of this is that you have one website – one website to update and maintain – which can be viewed different on desktops/latops, tablets, and smartphones.  A different format for a different device and window width, same content and design/branding.

Page Content Editor Upgrade –  We have upgraded this to allow for easy formatting of content sections using “divs”, without any coding experience.  It’s another choice other than tables to further format your chosen page format.  Also, you can easily round all corners, the top corners, or the bottom corners, of content sections, with varying degrees.  You can add a background color, padding, margins, font color, or set width to a specific content section within the Page Content Editor Box itself – CSS/CSS3 coding all done for you.  Set certain sections within the Page Content Editor Box to expand to 100% when the Responsive App expand widths window value is reached, with one click of a button

WordPress Blog Integration Upgrade – We have upgraded this to work with the UWB Responsive App, and have also upgraded the styling integration.  Check it out on our blog right here!

Members App Upgrade – We have added code to reduce spam to registration form.

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