Can’t access your website? Prompted with a “Download” link on your own website?

You can’t access your website –  instead of your website being displayed you are prompted with a “Download” bar/link on your own website.   If you have just changed web hosts or your website has recently gotten hacked/cleaned up this could be because of your .htaccess file.  If the cause is your website being hacked, you should reupload a backup copy of your .htaccess file, or if you don’t have a backup, open it and check it for bad coding.  If the cause is switching web hosting, some coding that your previous web host was using on your .htaccess file is not necessary or not compatible with your new web host.  For example, your old web host might have been hosting php4 and php 5 together, and used the .htaccess file to tell the website which php version to use.  Your new web host may be using the latest php version by default, and that coding would break your website and cause the “Download” prompt effect.  It’s easy to fix, just have a programmer check your .htaccess code, or you can post a comment here for help.

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