Would a .me or .blog domain stand out more out of the crowd today than a .com?

Short answer: .me and .blog are more unique and less common tlds than a .com, but then people may forget the correct domain name

Longer answer:

Compared to common TLDs like .com, both .me and .blog will stand out. However, they achieve this in different ways:

  • .blog: Stands out more due to its specificity. It instantly tells visitors it’s a blog, grabbing attention faster.
  • .me: Stands out less but offers a personal touch. It’s a good option if you want to brand yourself and your blog isn’t the sole focus of your website.

Here’s the trade-off:

  • Uniqueness vs. Recognition: Both .me and .blog are less recognizable than .com, and may be less rememberable too.
  • Clarity vs. Versatility: .blog is crystal clear about being a blog, while .me offers more flexibility for personal branding.

So, the answer depends on your priorities:

  • Focus on pure uniqueness: Go with .blog.
  • Want a personal touch with some uniqueness: Choose .me.

Remember, even if you stand out, it’s not a guarantee of success. Consider your target audience and the overall image you want to project when making your final decision. You can also stand out from the crowd by the domain name base itself, rather than the tld, or extension.

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