Better to sell on your own e-commerce website or eBay?

You have things to sell.  Should you sell them on your own website – meaning you will have to buy a domain name, web hosting, create your website with shopping cart – or use an e-commerce social networking third party website such as eBay?  It might seem like it is a lot of work to have your own e-commerce website, but it doesn’t have to be hard or take a long time – or even be expensive, for that matter.  You can do it in 1 day with UltimateWB software.  Sell on a website such as eBay and you will have to create an account if you don’t have one already, upload your items to the website, and also pay for the listing – pay upfront before selling anything, and then also pay a percentage after selling.  So, there is no monetary perk in that way to sell your items on a third party website like eBay.  With increasing eBay seller fees, some may even say the fees alone are reason enough to sell on your own website instead.

Looking for increased exposure on eBay? Thinking maybe then you can sell more?  Perhaps.  Post your comment below if you have an eBay success story.  Chances are anyone selling on eBay that manufactures or distributes items, or even is selling handmade items, has a website too.  A website lets you post information of your items and your company in a way that you can’t on eBay or other third party websites.  Want more traffic and exposure – you can work on your seo (search engine optimization), and social media activity.  Add social share buttons for your items, provide incentives for others to refer customers with your own affiliates program, and provide coupons for special store promotions.  You can learn how to do this easy and fast with UltimateWB’s  built-in e-commerce app here.

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