How to protect your unwatermarked photos and still offer automatic downloads after purchase

You might have heard that you can’t really protect your unwatermarked, original photos online on your website and still offer automatic digital downloads after a customer purchases it.  The truth is that is a myth.  Photographers – you can protect your originals.  Writers you can protect your full-version e-books.  …There are a lot of uses for this!  Just make sure you do it the right way.  What you don’t want to do is store your photos/files on the file system of your server and think that they are not accessible just because you don’t link to them on your webpages.

The right way to do it: The way UltimateWB software does it is by storing your original photos, files – whatever you want to protect but provide as a digital download after purchase – in the mysql database.  The only way someone would have access to these files without being authorized then is by hacking your account info/website.  We use this tool for our own digital download service for UltimateWB software.  After someone purchases from your website, you can automatically or manually give their member account access to the file they purchased.


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