phpFox social networking website builder software reviews: HotScripts rate buggy, poor tech support

If you are looking to create a Facebook clone or myspace copycat website, you might have considered using the social networking website builder software phpFox.  But how good is it?  And how much is the cost worth it if you want to actually have an original, unique social networkng website without any programming or coding experience?  According to online website reviews on the software directory website HotScripts, phpFox is not such a good purchase.

One verified HotScripts reviewer comments:

phpfox – beware!
Rating: 1 – Poor
Reviewed by on Mar 15th, 2011
I cant tell you how I regret writing this. I am a web developer with 14 years experience and 6 weeks ago decided to give PHPFOX a try. What a mistake. It is functionally poor, full of bugs and with appalling documentation. Their claim you need no programming experience is rubbish. I have had a team of 3 experienced developers working on my site for 6 weeks and they still cant get it to work. And when I want to write to them to complain? You try and find an address? They are invisible. Even on their license agreement there is no contact information. When I posted a complaint about their product on their forum it was immediately removed – so much for the 1st Amendment! The sales blurb sounds good, but trust me (as an honest reviwer who has lost $1,000’s ) dont touch it Mike

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

Read more phpFox reviews on the HotScripts phpFox software page here. If you have had a different phpFox experience, or would like to share your experiences using the phpFox social networking website builder software, please post a comment.

RE Designs Ultimate Web Builder has been reviewed on the HotScripts website too, with a 5/5 rating.  Written by a verified reviewer:

Rating: 5 – Excellent
Reviewed by on Aug 28th, 2010

So many options and so easy to use. It is the best! Website doesn’t look like it came out of a box, but custom made. With included mailing list tool don’t have to purchase separately. One-time fee, not monthly payments to keep own files like other companies require. like others.

Bottom Line:Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Update: check out this social network website builder comparison chart!

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