Can you build your website with WordPress? … Or should you?

Wondering if you can build your own website – a website, not a blog – with WordPress?  Or rather, if you should use WordPress to design, build, and manage your whole website, rather than just stick to using the open source program for just the blog, or articles section of your website?  WordPress is an excellent program to use for the blogging section of your website, to post/organize articles, news, and information, and allow other uses to post comments too.  But it has been designed for just that … it’s a different story when talking about the development of your entire website – even if you are a blogging website, online magazine, or news website.  Better to use the best for each function/section of your website, right?  Ultimate Web Builder software uses WordPress as the blogging application; it easily integrates into your website and website design which you can easily create with your Ultimate Web Builder software Admin Panel.

What are the drawbacks to using the blogs software WordPress for your whole website?   First thing you should be considering is will WordPress provide the features I am looking for, to design, create, and manage my website:
-Does WordPress have a mailing list application?  No.
-Does WordPress have a contact form application?  No.
-Does WordPress have an e-commerce application, integrated shopping cart, or easy PayPal integration to sell items online, accept donations, etc?  No.
-Does WordPress have a slideshow or photo gallery application?  No.
-Does WordPress have a watermarking photos application?  No.
-Does WordPress have an ads management tool, for embedding Google ads, Yahoo ads, etc?  No.
-Does WordPress have a membership application where members can create a profile?  No.
-Does WordPress allow you to easily password protect or restrict access to webpages by member or member group?  No.
-Does WordPress allow you to easily design and redesign, format and reformat your website – and customize it easily, without programming experience?  No.

(By the way, Ultimate Web Software has all of the above features, in easy-to-use built-in apps available on your website Admin Panel, fully customizeable, no experience needed)

WordPress is an open source program, with open source code and you can modify the existing code as well as add your own code to it in order to have all the features you need for your website – but will you want to?  Is adding code/modifying code easy based on the current code framework?  Not really – you need to have programming experience; you need to know how to code.  There is a plugin system where you can create your own plugins to add new features to the WordPress framework, and you can also upload plugins available on the net.  But there is also an issue with having too many plugins – check out websites running on WordPress with integrated plugins – they typically have a much slower page load.

Do you want a unique website?  A website with your own style and design?  If you use a WordPress template, there will be other – potentially lots of other – websites that look like yours.  Even if you create your own WordPress template, or have a web designer create it for you, you are still constrained by the WordPress framework … and you also again come to the plugin load issue discussed above.

WordPress is great for the blogging software tool.  Ultimate Web Builder software is great for the whole package for your website – Design – Format – Functionality – SEO – the Flexible and Dynamic website builder solution for your personal website, business website, online portfolio, online store, social networking website, blog website, forum website, and even Facebook apps.

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