Open Source Website Builder Comparison Chart

Looking into open source website builders like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal?  Being open source, they are free – but unless you know web programming most of the time you will find you will have to pay for a web designer, web developer, or even web programmer to create your website the way you want it.  In fact they are really not website builders, but a Content Management System (CMS) – they consist of an Admin Panel where you can edit/update/organize the content.  But you won’t be able to change the design from the Admin Panel, reformat pages, add/configure/customize/manage a photo gallery, integrate a mailing list, integrate a shopping cart, add a contact form, or password protect pages, for example, without downloading plugins and knowing your way around web development.  WordPress is great as a blogging tool to integrate into your website – it is in fact the platform used for the blogging app in Ultimate Web Builder software, but with a lot of plugins used to make WordPress as the engine for your entire website, it can increase your webpage load time greatly, while still not offering the flexibility that Ultimate Web Builder software offers.

Check out the bullet points Open Source Website Builder Comparison Chart comparing the open source solutions of WordPress vs Joomla vs Drupal and vs Ultimate Web Builder software.  Want more details?  Check out the Ultimate Web Builder features page – there is no software like it!  Also, take a test drive with the Ultimate Web Builder software Online Demo!

Also, while you’re shopping for a website builder software, check out the Website Builder Comparison Chart comparing Dreamweaver vs GoDaddy vs Yahoo vs Wix vs Ultimate Web Builder.

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