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We have a brand new support forum!  Find it under the Resources tab.  We had to remove our previous message boards using the phpbb forum script due to spam issues.  Now we are using the UltimateWB Full 3.5 custom built-in forum app!  Easier management of spam, single sign on (interacts with other UltimateWB apps), and lots of features! Welcome! Check it out here!

We used the UWB Styles Manager to customize the forums look.  Added custom forum category icons. Created sub categories.  You can upload files, download files, create polls, vote in polls.  Create a free member account and you can also view posted <code> content on the forums, for example for custom css coding help!  We have also turned on the Social Share buttons, for Facebook, Twitter, and Google – so please feel free to share interesting topics!

You can create your own custom forum for your website using the UltimateWB Forums app in UltimateWB 3.5!  Check out what other features are new in UltimateWB 3.5 here.

If you have any questions, comments, or need help with your website, please feel free to post on the UltimateWB message boards!  Interact with other members and customers, and you can also show off your UltimateWB built website in the Showcase category!

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