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Is HostGator’s Affiliate Terms of Service Fair? Sell x2 in 180 days or go back to $0…

If you’re only a little good at selling HostGator’s web hosting, you may be teeter-tottering between $50 and $0 – never receiving any commission at all.  HostGator changed their affiliates payout policy on May 2, 2013 and still sticking with … Continue reading

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Bluehost “Unlimited” Web Hosting Plans Have Worst Inode Limits

Funny how the word “limit” always follows the word “unlimited” when unlimited web hosting plans are involved…eventually in the terms of use or question/answer sections. Inode refers to the number of files you can have on your account – that … Continue reading

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HostGator Founder and CEO admitted “Unlimited” plans are just a marketing ploy – and they REALLY are

On the previous post we talked about how GoDaddy’s web hosting plans advertise as being “Unlimited disk space” and “Unlimited bandwidth” when clearly they are not.   So why does GoDaddy and other web hosting companies do it?  Marketing strategy, … Continue reading

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