How To Setup Email with Your Domain – UltimateWB vs Weebly et al.

Setup Email With Domain

You have your own website, your own domain name, now you want your own custom email address to match, i.e.  Sounds simple enough right?  But the process to get what you want will differ depending on the web hosting you choose.

Some website builder/web hosting combo companies such as Weebly do not have an actual email system integrated in their web hosting and you have to use third party email systems such as Google Apps for Businesses, like they require.  That’s an extra cost you might not have known you needed if you want custom email.

Now with UltimateWB software – you choose your web hosting, and it should include cpanel and an email system – or you probably don’t want to get it and shop around some more!  You can get for under $5/month a web hosting account with a built-in email system directly from UltimateWB, and we even include free professional installation of the software/any released updates.  You can even pay less than that if you choose to pay for the web hosting package on a yearly basis.  Email setup with UltimateWB/your own web hosting account is simple and you get to keep everything on your own web hosting account. Three easy steps as outlined here, on How To Create Your Own Custom Email Accounts. The summary: login, click on the icon, enter the email name/password and click “Create Account”. So easy!

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