GoDaddy website builder gets HORRIBLE reviews, still buggy customers say

Really, really horrible reviews.  We recently came across the SiteBuilderReport page for the GoDaddy website builder and their customers say it is still full of bugs and issues, and the tech support is the opposite of help. …Yikes!.

Here is one recent GoDaddy website builder review, from a couple days ago, complaining about how their “easy” website builder is not easy or user friendly at all:

I wanted a quick and easy WYSIWYG website builder. Their website builder program is absolute garbage. I cant even figure out how to delete or move a text window after about a half hour of wasting time with this program that is less user friendly and sophisticated than the program I used 14 years ago.

And a similar one from a few days ago complaining that the new GoDaddy website builder lacks features, and is very hard to learn and use:

I agree with everything many of these reviewers have said about the absolutely worthless v7. Do any of you realize that this “new and improved” version is not complete. I found out that v7 has no provisions to add “password protection” to your website or to selected webpages. This is MAJOR SCREW UP!!! I spent hours trying to understand the “new user interface”, which was “user hostile” and then after struggling to build 15 webpages – I find out that I can’t “password protect” 3 webpages as I did with three previous websites built with v6 Website Builder. Not having the option to add password protection to your website is like Ford launching their new 2014 cars WITHOUT DOOR LOCKS!!!!!

And there’s stories about bad experiences with SEO and Google/search engine rankings and tech support…here’s one also from a few days ago:

These people will hurt the busoiness you worked so harde to build, all your SEO work will be mysteriously washed away, they add Robot TXT to your site blocking contect, text, images and other things from google and others without your knowledge or permission. 5 TIMES the keywords meta tags have been erased blank with no explanation!
Internal link broken codes continuously show up in search engine crawls because of some errors in the site builder. ALL my hundreds of backlinks have disappeared because godaddy subtly changes your URL so the links fail a 404 error.
I’m not making this up, when you call customer service you get people who have just begun working there and know less than the average enthusiast but arent humble enough to admit it. They just read from a godaddy text book and cant actually help solve problems or ever admit they actually dont know an answer, they would rather give a wrong answer than say they dont know. …

Another review blasting the GoDaddy tech support, from last month:

…I called customer service before signing up and was NEVER told that I COULDN’T use a domain that they were already hosting. (I know for a fact they can, they just don’t want to.) I specifically asked if I could use a website that was already made as the customer just needs a wysiwig to work on it. I was told yes.

B.S.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is NO WAY to import an existing website.

I had to find their blank template and recreate the website. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never spent so much time just building one page and I used to write visual basic for Pete’s sake!!!!!!!!!!!! This is horible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If it wasn’t already paid for due to the LIES customer service told me, I would have found a different company.

I WILL NEVER EVER use GoDaddy again nor will I EVER recommend them to anyone. I will tell everyone I know to stay away from GoDaddy. WORST COMPANY EVER………………

And here’ s a complaint from earlier this month complaining about the GoDaddy website builder bugs repeatedly eating up their work (they are hungry bugs):

… I finally exited because i knew website builder is not responding once again. When i logged back in a few minutes later, i was shocked – all of my work disappeared.
After an hour of gathering my patience back, i rebuilt everything i lost and added a bit more content. This time i thought i am prepared for such sneaky things and created a backup and made sure changes were saved. I exited on purpose to see if it had worked. Guess what – NO! Ok, i thought, i have a backup so nothing to worry. I proudly restored the site and was shocked what i have seen. NO CHANGES WERE SAVED in backup and i again found myself at an empty website. ..
Prior to using godaddy i thought that these reports of godaddy being turned into one hellhole was exaggerated, but man i was wrong. Reports of their horrible service coming from all place are true.

Conclusion. AVOID GODDADY AT ALL COSTS!!! (unless you want to suffer).
How ironic, i was in a launch of one company which had their website hosted at godaddy a few days back and guess what. Their website crashed completely on the launch….What else do you need for proof?
Oh! When you Google something like best website builders, dont trust the reviews which say good things about godaddy – they are earning nice commissions from suckers like us.

There’s lots of bad, bad GoDaddy website builder reviews, you can read more on SiteBuilderReport, GoDaddy User Reviews.  To be fair, there are 27 reviews, and 2 of them have 5 star reviews and 25 reviews have 1 star reviews.  The page does the math, rating GoDaddy website builder, based on the user provided reviews, at 1.5 stars.  One of the 5 star reviews asks you to give GoDaddy a chance, and that they are trying hard and care.  Do you have a GoDaddy website builder experience? Share in the comments below!

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godaddy superbowl commercial2
GoDaddy Superbowl Commercial 2014…Superbowl ad did not help GoDaddy website builder reviews.

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