Create and manage mailing list for your website; compose, save, and send mailers.

Mail App 2 is the RE Designs Ultimate Web Builder mailing list application sold as a standalone product that easily integrates in your current website. Configure, customize and stylize mailing list form via your Admin Panel.  Main features include ability to set required subscriber fields, allow users to subscribe to multiple mail groups, create unlimited number of mail groups, compose, save, and send mailers to all your subscribers, a certain mail group, or a select few, batch emailing to avoid server overload, customize each mailer being sent automatically with each subscriber’s name or other mailing list field, option to set priority on email, request read receipt, include up to two attachments, new subscription/cancellation email notices, subscriber IP address logging, and backup tool.  All the language used on the mailing list form and mailers is customizable and you may put it in any language you want.  Mail App includes a subscriber mass import tool to easily transfer your mailing list data to the software.

UPDATE: Mail App is no longer offered as a standalone product, but is available as a built-in app in Ultimate Web Builder.

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