How to choose between creating a blog or website?

A blog and website are 2 different things.  Both are on the internet, both searchable and indexable on Google and Yahoo.  Both post your content.  So the difference between a blog and a website?  A blog is like a public online diary, publishing a chronology of posts.  A website consists of pages, apps, perhaps an online store, photo gallery – anything you want, and in any particular order you want.  Or rather, not really an order.  There’s a navigation menu website visitors can use to jump to any sections, besides a search function.  A website can also include a blog.

How to decide whether you need a blog or website?  If you want your website to do something besides just post your content, you definitely want a website – and a dynamic website like UltimateWB provides, to be more specific.  If you want an online diary, you can go with a blog.  But, you might want to consider having a website with a blog for more flexibility.  For example if you want certain content to be readily accessible to your website visitors, and not hidden in your posts.

Is it easier to create a blog vs a website?  You might have heard this, but this does not necessarily have to be true.   UltimateWB makes it easy and fast to create and customize your own website.  It also shouldn’t be a reason to choose to create a blog vs a website.  It especially won’t be easier to create a blog that fits your needs if you really need a website.

Still not sure whether to go with a blog and/or website?  Just contact us!

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