Is a landing page really just like a 1-page website?

While landing pages and 1-page websites might seem similar at first glance, they serve distinct purposes and have different design approaches. You can build either with UltimateWB website builder. Here’s a breakdown of their key differences:


  • Landing Page: Designed for a specific marketing campaign or offer, with a single, focused goal—driving conversions.
  • 1-Page Website: Serves as a concise website for businesses with limited content or a specific product/service, providing essential information in a compact format.


  • Landing Page: Typically a standalone page, separate from a main website, to eliminate distractions and keep visitors focused on the conversion goal.
  • 1-Page Website: Often functions as the primary website, with all essential information condensed into a single, scrollable page, offering a streamlined overview.


  • Landing Page: Usually minimal navigation, limited to a call-to-action button and perhaps a link to the main website.
  • 1-Page Website: May include internal links or anchor links for navigation within the same page, allowing visitors to jump to different sections easily.


  • Landing Page: Highly targeted content aligned with the specific campaign or offer, using persuasive language and strong calls to action.
  • 1-Page Website: Covers broader information about the business, its products/services, values, and contact details, presented in a concise and visually appealing manner.


  • Landing Page: Streamlined design to eliminate distractions and guide visitors towards the desired action, often using compelling visuals and clear calls to action.
  • 1-Page Website: Creative use of visual elements and transitions to maintain engagement and guide visitors through the content, ensuring a seamless flow.

Common Use Cases:

  • Landing Pages: Lead generation, product launches, event registrations, webinar signups, eBook downloads, sales promotions.
  • 1-Page Websites: Small businesses, portfolios, personal websites, product showcases, event landing pages, app landing pages.

Key Takeaways:

  • Choose a landing page when you have a specific conversion goal in mind and want to create a focused, distraction-free experience.
  • Opt for a 1-page website if you have limited content to present and want a simple, visually engaging website that’s easy to maintain.

Ultimately, the best choice depends on your specific goals and target audience. Consider the purpose, structure, navigation, content, and design factors to make an informed decision.

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