Best Website Builder – Top 10 Reasons why it is Ultimate Web Builder software!

Are you searching “what is the best website builder” on Google, trying to find the best software to buy?  Here are the top 10 reasons why the answer is Ultimate Web Builder software.

1) Best CMS – content management system.  Not only can you keep track of your content and organize it, but you can format and reformat easily.  Manage not just your webpages, but all your other content, including photos, members, subscribers, ads, items for sale, … etc.

2) Best Design Styles App.  The software uses css for design styling and formatting – you upload the images you want to use, select the colors you want, the formatting you want, and the software takes care of the coding for you in the best coding technique.  You can even customize the loading gif image you want your website to use.  You can create several different styles and save them in your website admin panel.  Choose one design (stylesheet) for your whole website, or a different design for each webpage if you want.

3) Best Menu / Drop Down Creation Software.  You can easily create multi-level drop down menus with Ultimate Web Builder software.  The software automatically creates the menu/ordering of the menu tabs based on the page ordering you set on your website admin panel.  And automatically updates as you change your page titles, add pages, delete pages, etc.  Choose the layout, horizontal or vertical, the formatting, the design – you can even choose to use multi-column drop down menus vs the regular usual one-column drop-down menu,  Choose the animation type you want for the drop-down menus too.  The software uses javascript vs flash for the animations, so your website will work on smart phones and ipad too.

4. Best Photos App.  You don’t just want an awesome photos app in your website builder software if you are a photographer or designer or artist – photo content and how you display the photos can play an essential part to having an engaging and interesting website.  With Ultimate Web Builder software you can save web development time by batch uploading photos (and even batch watermark photos if you want), and then easily embed the photos as a random slideshow, a photo gallery, or even a photo album.  Ever wonder if it would be hard to have a cool hompeage random slideshow, with animation?  It’s not hard with Ultimate Web Builder software.  You customize what you want your slideshow/photo gallery to look like – thumbnails or no thumbnails, controller, random, animation type – including the video type animation.  You can actually make your photos look like a video with the click of a button on your website admin panel.  The software uses javascript for flash-like animations, so unlike Flash elements your slideshow/photo gallery and website will work on ipad and smart phones.

5) Best E-commerce App.  There are so many features included in the e-commerce app.  Items management, payments management, create coupons for store promotions, allow for item reviews/ratings, inventory management, automatic downloads capability, affiliates program integration, PayPal integration, customize the buttons, customized shopping cart on your own website, or opt for the PayPal shopping cart, PayPal checkout or email orders to your email address., social plugins, add related items and “people who purchased this also purchased” content to your item pages easily, etc…

6) Best Social Networking App.  Like the photos app, even if you are not looking to have a social networking website, you will probably want to make use of some social networking elemts to keep your website engaging and interesting, and keep the web traffic coming to your website.  With Ultimate Web Builder software, within a minute you can add a comments and/or ratings section to any webpage.  You can easily create and customize a member registration form, a login form, a member profile page – and for those actually wanting a social networking website – you can easily add a private messaging feature to your website and the ability for members to fan each other.  Customize the look of the public profile page too.  You can allow members to upload their own profile picture/avatar and also allow them to choose from avatars you upload into categories on your website admin panel.  Set default user profile field privacy settings, and also allow members to choose their own privacy settings.  You can also set up email notification options for your website – for example a membercan get an email when a member replies to their post, or they get a new private message – they can also subscribe to acomments page and be notified of new posts.  And lots more…!

7) Best Mail App.  It can be very important for you to easily be able to email your website members, and keep it personalized – without actually having to email each member one by one.  You can do this “batch” personalized emailing with Ultimate Web Builder software.  And you can even not just email your website members, but also your mailing list subscribers, customers, and affiliates.  You can create, customize, and integrate a mailing list form into your website in minutes, to gain subscribers to your website/mailers/newsletters.  You can also easily embed your latest blog and forum posts into mailers – and create html mailers easily – no programming experience required.

8) Best SEO Software.  Search Engine Optimzation – it is important for your search engine ranking on the top search engines like Google and Yahoo.  Ultimate Web Builder software uses the best techniques for seo, and has a built-in seo tool you can also use to choose meta keywords, description, and a page title for your webpages/website as a whole – the software codes these meta tags for you.  Moreover, even though you have all the advantages of a dynamic and flexible website, you also have the advantages a static-type of website offers for seo – i.e. you can choose a unque page url for your webpages – best for high search engine ranking, not to mention it is more user-friendly than  Because the software codes in php, mysql, ajax, javascript, css…. vs Flash, your website is search engine optimized throughout your website – not just at the top of your webpages with the meta tags.  Ultimate Web Builder software also has a built-in stemap generator you can use to automatically create a sitemap of your webpages – you can choose to include member pages, blog posts, and forum posts in your website sitemap too.

9) Best Ads Manager – Easily Integrate Ads.  Rather than having to go into each webpage to update an ad, you can create the ad in the website admin panel ads manager, then copy/paste the provided placeholder text into your webpages.  When you change your ad in the ads manager, all the other instances of your ad in your webpages get updated automatically too.

10) Best Customizeable, Flexible, Dynamic, Powerful, Easy, Expandable Software!  That sums up why Ultimate Web Builder software is the best website builder software to design, create, and manage your website, whether you are a total beginner looking for easy do-it-yourself (DIY) website builder software, or an expert web designer or even web programmer.  How easy?  For example,  you can easily integrate a blog and/or forum into your website that automatically matches the design of your website – and embed the latest blog posts / forum posts on any of your webpages, and even in your mailers.  Expandable: By using Ultimate Web Builder software you are not limited like with other website builder software.  You can actually even add your own coding to your website if you want, and edit the html with the page content editors on your website admin panel tool.  Ultimate Web Builder software is webware – so you can design, build, and manage your website from any computer with an internet connection, and you can use it on a mac or a pc. 

Buy Ultimate Web Builder software here!  You can choose a one-time unlimited term software license or a lease option if you would prefer to pay as you go.

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