Upgraded User Interface (UI) with Ultimate Web Builder software upgrade 6.5

This website builder update is for all software versions of Ultimate Web Builder: UltimateWB Full, Lite, Essentials+, PromoU, and Promo.

CMS Photos App Upgrade (All Versions)

We have modified the user interface for adding photos. You can now also add/manage photos directly from the Add/Edit Page, besides the Admin Panel Photos section. Plus, you can choose to “assign” photos to a specific page for quick access to the photo on that specific page, or leave it unassigned to any pages so that the photo is available for quick access on all the add/edit pages.

CMS Photo Gallery & Slideshows App Upgrade: UWB Full & UWB Lite

It’s even easier now to create a photo category to be associated with a page on the Add/Edit Page – just checkmark the box for “Create new Photo Category for page” next to the Content Page Editor Box and click the button at the bottom of the page to add the page/save the page updates.

And it’s also easier to go to the photo category/categories of a page, to upload photos for your photo gallery/slideshow. There is now a Photo Categories link/count added to the Edit Page to easily view/manage Photo Categories associated with a page.

And we have added a List Photos tab to the Edit Photo Category page for easy access to photos associated with a photo category (besides accessing from the Photos page). 

CMS E-Commerce Items App Upgrade: UWB Full

We didn’t leave out the E-commerce App and its Photos UI. You can now also add/manage item photos directly from the Add/Edit Item page, besides the Admin Panel Photos section.

And we have made it easier to find your items on your admin panel List Items page with a Search by Item Name feature.

UltimateWB Website Updates, User Manual & Video Tutorials…

We are in the process of updating the user manual topics and adding more topics and video tutorials. If you would like a certain topic covered sooner, just contact us!

We have updated the Compare Ultimate Web Builder Promo, PromoU, Essentials+, Lite, and Full comparison chart to help you choose the right website builder for you. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Play around with the new upgrade on the demos!

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