What are your 5 favorite websites? Why?

  1. Me We Too – It is very fun to learn about different people while also finding people like you. You make small one-sentence posts about yourself, your beliefs, experiences, likes, etc., and others vote “me too”, “hmm”, or “not me”, and vice versa. Then you get to find out who posted/voted what, and can fan, friend, and message the people who you have interacted with.
  2. Friends Match Me – It is the best dating app – no swiping, you get advanced filters/search tools, get to check out who likes you, checking you out, searching for you, your mutual matches, etc. and you can connect it with your Me We Too. Plus it’s totally free and they say it will stay that way – that is refreshing.
  3. Shout Out Universe – another fun, social app. You send your messages to the universe; whether you believe in it or not, it’s interesting and fun and you can check out other people’s messages and <3 and comment on/echo them.
  4. Top X Picks – I like to check out how other people rank various things and put in my votes in too.
  5. Gym Chat – I love sports and it’s a very useful website and fun to interact with others.

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