Software Built-In Members App/Social Networking App Upgrade Coming Soon!

Ultimate Web Builder software will be releasing an upgrade soon, expanding the current built-in Members App, and adding a built-in Social Network App.  Now, it will be even easier to have your own social networking website! … Again, no programming or coding experience required!  And your website doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s because you can customize!!

Here are some of the features the Ultimate Web Builder sftware upgrade is scheduled to include:

1) Registration Form / Edit Profile Form Features:
a) Choose which fields to include in the initial registration form, and which fields to just include in the edit profile form.
b) Easily add a countries menu, or a date field with month/day/year menus.
c) Choose how to denote required form fields (you already can specify which fields are required in the software)
d) Choose whether to allow Username changes or not
e) Specify unallowed Usernames, set username minimum and maximum lengths
f) Specify password minimum and maximum lengths
g) Require Email confirmation when member requests email change on Edit Profile form
h) Use member avatars / profile pictures.  Upload avatars that members can choose from; members can also upload their own avatar/profile picture.
i) Privacy Options – Set which member profile form fields have privacy options, and what is the default privacy setting.

2) Member Public Profile Page
a) Use the default public profile page, or customize your own formatting using provided Placeholder Text for each field, i.e. profile picture, username, etc., and display member’s fans, and who member has fanned.
b) Members can Fan, Email, Block, Report member on the member public profile page if you have turned on these features
c) Choose to also display member Join Date, Login Date, and if they’re online (includes optional privacy setting too).

3) Fans Feature
a) Members can be a Fan of each other.
b) Display member fans / who member has fanned on Public Profile Page
c) Provide option for member to be emailed when they get a new fan.

4) Email/Private Messaging Feature
a) Members can email/private message each other.  Easily set-up member’s inbox page and sent box.
b) Members can reply to messages. and forward messages, star messages, mark messages as unread/read, create folders, move messages to different folders, and report messages/block users from the Inbox/Sent Box Pages
c) Display new messages icon when logged in member has new unread messages
d) Provide option for member to be emailed when they get a new private message.

5) Email Notifications
a) Set up email notification options for when member gets a new fan, or receives a new private message, and more.

6) Timezone / Date Formatting
a) Choose to allow members to select their timezone and when logged in the display times will be according to their selected timezone
b) You can choose different date format options, including displaying dates in a duration format, i.e. user logged in 30 minutes ago.
c) Manage timezones, which timezones to use, and date order/date language.

7) Page Commenting/Rating Feature
a) Activate a Comments section on any of your webpages, where members, or optionally website visitors, can post comments, and also ratings.

Everything us customizeable … from the formatting to the language used… to the icons … to the styling… all from your Admin Panel.  Sign up to our mailing list to get emailed when the Ultimate Web Builder upgrade is released!

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