Ultimate Web Builder Full 5.3 upgrade for built-in social networking apps

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We have recently released an upgrade to UltimateWB Full, for the built-in social apps.

UltimateWB Full 5.3 has an upgrade to the Timeline App – you can add hide/unhide links to posts.  Check out an example of it in action on the social networking website Shout Out Universe: www.shoutoutuniverse.com .

Another upgrade in this new version is to the Members Search tool.  You can now choose to allow members to opt out of searchable fields, and/or the members search tool.  Set the defaults for each.  There is also an added option to show just friends per the search performed in the Members Search tool.

Check out the newest version on the demos: www.ultimatewb.com/demolinks (available under the “Resources” tab).

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