What is a good price for a website builder?

Check out the Ultimate Web Builder features page, the Website Builder Comparison Chart, and play around with the online Ultimate Web Builder Demo and you will agree that Ultimate Web Builder software is a bargain … it is so usable that we even use the software for our client websites -and our own websites.  If you’re still on the fences, read on… 

When deciding if you are getting a good deal on your website builder software you have to weigh the features against the price.  Morevoer, if your website builder software does not have the features you need and is not expandable, you are just wasting your money, no matter how low the price.  Beware of website builders that are only offered as hosted solutions – once you cancel your web hosting even for one month you can be in jeopardy of losing your whole website and having to start over.  Also, you can’t move your website to another web hosting server if your current server doesn’t meet your needs or you want to switch server for another reason – in another words the website is not really fully yours.  You don’t have any website files.  It is like renting or leasing a car – except you don’t have to design and build the car, right?!  With Ultimate Web Builder software there is only a one-tme payment and you can choose to host your website with us, or with another server that meets the server requirements. 

Now you also have to take account how user friendly the software is, and if tech support is provided, if there is an Online User Manual – i.e. will you have to hire a Web Designer or Web Builder to create your website?   We have received great Testimonials on Ultimate Web Builder software, and we do offer FREE tech support, both via email and the online Support Forums!  There is an Online User Manual for Ultimate Web Builder software, as well as instructions/info on the software Admin Panel itself for those of you that just like to jump in!

Are you wondering how much a website costs if you hire a web designer, web developer, or web programmer?  Prices may vary – and so does what you get.  If you want features such as a photos slideshow or photo gallery, a mailing list app, e-commerce, SEO tool (search engine optimization) etc. the price goes up – the more advanced, the more expensive the cost.  But with Ultimate Web Builder software you get all those tools and apps built in – and best of all, you get a website Admin Panel with a CMS (content management system) where you can fully manage your website – even the design aspects.  Don’t get charged for features that you can incorporate into your website in minutes with Ultimate Web Builder software.  If you don’t have time to design and create your own website, Ultimate Web Builder software is a good investment, both in lowering the website design & development costs and providing you a way to manage your website in the future if you do not want to hire a webmaster to make updates and changes to your website.  RE Designs does offer website services, and you may also choose any other web designer or developer to provide the services for you.

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