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How to Create & Embed a Guestbook for your Website

You can create and embed a guestbook for your website using the built-in Comments App, in the UltimateWB Full version software!

Sign Guestbook Form


Check out the UltimateWB Video Tutorual, "How to Add & Customize a Guestbook on your Website", for a quick, easy way tro add a Guestbook page to your website using the built-in Templates app, and how to customize via your website admin panel.

Based on your Comments App settings, you can also allow replies to Guestbook posts, liking/unliking posts, and subscribing to new posts.


Guestbook Posts


And you don't have to worry about spam posts ruining your Guestbook section on your website - you can set post approval settings in the Comments App, besides using the CAPTCHA form feature to help prevent spam.


Follow the steps outlined in the Comments App tutorials:

Add Comments & Ratings Section to your Webpage

Configuring Comments & Ratings Section: Comment Like/Unlike, Subscribe, Post Processing

Comment Reply Notifications

Report Comments & Managing Comments

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