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Configuring Comments & Ratings Section: Comment Like/Unlike, Subscribe, Post Processing

Social Networking Setup

On the Admin Panel Configure Site > Social Networking > Commenting/Rating section, you can configure how your comments/ratings section will work, will look, and what features to include.

Configure Page Commenting / Rating Section 

You can choose to include a Likes / Unlikes Feature, and even choose the images to use!

Configure Commenting Likes Feature

Choose to include a Subscribe option for users, either for members only, or to website visitors too.  Website visitors opting to subscribe to a topic will be prompted to enter their email address to subscribe.  In this section you can specify the language to use in the content of the Subscribe email the user will receive.

Subscribe Comment Email

You can choose to allow commenting/rating by members only, or by website visitros too.  Choose to require CAPTCHA spam check for members posting or website visitors only.  Regarding post processing: You can choose to require admin approval of all posts, or only of posts by visitors.  Choose to include a comments sort menu, choose the default sort option ... and lots more options!


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