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How To Check Your Website Traffic!

You can check your website traffic statistics easily with your web hosting control panel, cPanel, traffic statistics tool!

1) Login to your web hosting control panel (refer to logging into cPanel tutorial here).

2) From your web hosting control panel, click on the "Awstats" link/icon, shown here with the blue arrow:


Web Hosting Traffic Statistics Tool, Awstats


3) On this page, click on the View icon, choosing to view the statistics for your Domain:


Web Hosting Traffic Statistics Tool, Choose Domain


Only your Domains on your own web hosting account are listed here, don't worry!  If you have bought a SSL add-on for your web hosting account, you will get 2 domain names listed here, one for the http access and one for the https (secure) access.  We can set up your website so that all domain access goes through the secure access, however, when you have the SSL add-on.

Awstats is the best website traffic statistics program!  You can check out how many unique visitors you have, the total number of visits to your website, number of visits/visitor, total number of pages viewed, page/visit viewed, the total number of hits and hits/visit, your website bandwidth use, bandwidth/visit.... the number of visitors on a monthly, daily, and even hourly basis.  Find out when the peak access times to your website are!  Find out which countries your website visitors come from... how long your visitors stay on your website... which keywords they entered to find and access your many of your webpages were referred by search engines, and which search engines they were...which websites referred people to your website and how much... which webpages are viewed the most...which pages website visitors entered your website into or exited your website from... so much info, and much better than just checking your Alexa rating!

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