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How To Get Your Website On The First Page of Google

We have gotten excellent search engine optimization (SEO) results and feedback from using the Ultimate Web Builder software and the built-in search engine optimization tool.  The software has been coded and designed in a way to not only provide compatibility across computer systems, ipad and smart phones, but also provide the meta tags and coding search engines utilize and need when deciding whether your website belongs on the first page of a search for your target keywords.  And anyone can do it - you don't need any experience for search engine ranking success!

Step 1) Go to Configure Site > Basic Set up, setup site-wide SEO Configurations.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) set up, Ultimate Web Builder software

 On that page you will find your site-wide SEO set up section.

Search Engine Optimization Tool, Ultimate Web Builder software

Enter your Site Title - as explained on the page, this will couple with each individual page's title to create the full page title and populate the page title meta tag for SEO.  You can choose the Full Page Title Ordering, and the separator used between the page/site title.  Also enter in your Site Description - a couple of lines that dscribe your website; it will couple with each individual page's description to make up the page description meta tag for SEO.  And, enter in your Site Keywords, separating each keyword with a comma - thos will couple with each individual page's keywords to make up the page keywords meta tag for SEO.

2) Pages > Add Page / Edit Page, set up page meta tags for SEO

Page Search Engine Optimization Tool, Ultimate Web Builder software

Enter your Page Title, Page Description, and Page Keywords.  Make sure these are as descriptive as possible, and relevant - your page content should contain these phrases and keywords throughout too.

3) Pages > Add Page / Edit Page - Choose descriptive Page URLs

Page URL SEO, Ultimate Web Builder software

Each page you create with Ultimte Web Builder software can have its own descriptive title - put in some keywords you want to target in searxh engines in your title.

4) Take advantage of the software's coding for using Photos, and display Photo Slideshows / Photo Galleries

Instead of embedding Flash, try to use the software's slideshow / photo gallery app instead to make similar Flash-like animations which are actually more user friendly - compatible on ipad and smart phones too - load faster, and better for search engine optimization and getting that top ranking for your target keywords.  The Ultimate Web Builder software uses javascript for the animations - code that the search engines can actually read.  So, you can take advantage of this by selecting descriptive image names for photos you upload with the software, and also even entering descriptive image name and description tags. 

Add Photo Tags SEO, Ultimate Web Builder Software

Check out the Photos App Articles for more info on adding photos and creating photo galleries and slideshows. 

When uploading a photo with the software to add Inline to a Page, the Name field you enter will be used as the image Alt tag.  Make sure to add the photo to your page by going to the Edit Page where you want to put it, scroll down to the Page Content Editor section - on the left of the text editor is a column displaying photos you have uploaded to be inline to this page - just click on the photo to copy it to your clipboard, and then paste it in the Content Text Editor box where you want to paste into your content,  Your Image Alt text that you have already entered will be automatically included with your Image, in the coding.  More info on Adding Inline Photos in the Photos App Articles.  If you want to add photos inline to your content using the Insert Photo button of the Content Text Editor Box, using a photo url, you can manually add these tags in the Add/Edit Image box that appears.

Insert/Edit Image Properties SEO, Ultimate Web Builder Software

5) Content - make sure you have it!

Your website content should contain the page's title, keywords, and description phrases within the content.

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