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Create, Customize, & Integrate Scrapbooks Section For Your Website

First you will want to configure your Scrapbooks App, under the Configure Site > Social Networking > Scrapbooks page.


Social Networking Setup


This will take you to the Scrapbooks Config page:


Scrapbooks App Setup


Here you will find the appropriate Placeholder Texts and the configuration settings, including the scrapbooks approval process, how to display the scrapbooks, how much (if any) to charge for adding photos/special features, etc.

You can also choose to allow members/visitors to edit their scrapbooks, and the approval process for the edits, on this Scrapbooks configurations page too. 1) Copy/paste the Placeholder Text for the Scrapbooks Edit Form on your webpage (Add/Edit Page), and then 2) Select that webpage in the Edit Scrapbooks Page menu (Scrapbooks Config page)


To create Scrapbooks Categories, go to Pages > Add/Edit Page, and just choose the Content Type "Scrapbooks Category"!


Scrapbooks Category Page Type


On this page, after choosing the "Scrapbooks Category" type, this will open up the Scrapbooks Options Section.  Checkmark the box to allow posts (towards bottom of this Add/Edit Page) if you want to allow postings to this category, rather than just use it as a parent scrapbooks category, for example.


Scrapbooks Category Options


Here you can choose a Category image, post cost (if any), scrapbook types, and who can view/post scrapbooks.


To Create Scrapbook Types, click on the Scrapbook Types button on the Admin Panel > Configure Site > Social Networking > Scrabooks page:

Scrapbooks Types


This lists all the Scrapbook Types.


Scrapbooks List Types


Click on the "Add Type" tab there on the right side, to go the the Add Type page.  Click on the "Fields" button in a Type row here to go to the Type List Fields page, and to add fields to the scrapbook type.


Classifieds Add Type


On the Scrapbook Type page you can configure which feature options to enable for this type, such as a Buy Button.


Scrapbooks Configure Type


On the Scrapbooks Type List Fields page you get the list of fields, and you can click on the "Add Type Field" tab on the right side to add more fields for a scrapbook type, and click on the "Options" button in any field to add/edit options for that field if it is a selectable field (rather than a text input field).


Scrapbooks List Type Fields


To Manage Scrapbooks (postings), go to Members > Member Scrapbooks.

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