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First you will want to configure your Audio Uploads App, under the Configure Site > Social Networking > Audio Uploads page.     This will take you to the Audio Uploads Config page:     Here you will find...[ Read More... ]
Creating sub categories in the Listings Directory app is very much creating sub pages for the rest of your website.  On the Add/Edit Page, you just select the Parent Page from the drop down menu, of the category you want this category to be...[ Read More... ]
Configure your website Rewards System from the Admin Panel > Social Networking > Rewards page.     Here you can customize the Language & Phrases, such as want you want to call Points, and the configurations.  Reward...[ Read More... ]
In the Edit Profile section on the Configure Site > Social Networking page, you can choose whether to use Profile Pictures/Avatars, customize the sizing, and language used. If you create Avatar Categories and upload Avatars to your website,...[ Read More... ]
You can create Horizontal and/or Vertical Scrollers on your page, consisting of thumbnails and/or links for Same Level Links, Sub Level Links, or even the Page Photo Category Links (links to photo categories attached to the page - see Photos...[ Read More... ]
From the E-Commerce drop down menu tab you can add/edit item categories and items (and lots more...read on!).  If you are selling lots of items, you may want to organize your items in categories, and display these item categories on...[ Read More... ]
You can have multiple slideshows/categories attached to each page and displayed as thumbnails/links in a row or column for the web visitor to click to load.  You can choose to display the row of thumbnails/links under the header or above...[ Read More... ]
There are a few ways to upload photos - directly on the pages/e-commerce item you are editing, or from the Photos menu. From the page itself: ...On the Add/Edit Page, from the left side column, next to the Page Content box: You can add/manage...[ Read More... ]
To add a photo or photos slideshow to your Page Photo Section, first you need to create a Photo Category for it.   You can do this directly on the Add/Edit Page, as well as from the top menu bar. ...From the Add/Edit Page... When creating...[ Read More... ]
1) First you will want to configure your Forum App, under the Configure Site > Social Networking > Forum page.     This will take you to the Forum Config page:   At the top, there are Placeholder Text that you...[ Read More... ]
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