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You can add your own custom php or html coding using the Ad(d)s section in your Admin Panel.  Please refer to the "Adding Google Ads, You Tube Videos, Gym Chat Videos/Media Feeds, Google Analytics, and other Plugins" article, except instead of...[ Read More... ]
You can find the Registration form on the Social Networking Configurations page: Click on the "Social Networking" tab, or the sub menu tab "Registration" to jump to this section. Customize the Registration Form to ask the questions you...[ Read More... ]
Go to the Pages > List Pages tab to get the list of current pages on your website, created on the Ultimate Web Builder software.  You can edit any page by clicking on the edit icon in any page row.  Your website installation starts you...[ Read More... ]
Allow members to post articles too! First you will want to configure your Articles App, under the Configure Site > Social Networking > Articles page.     This will take you to the Articles Config page:     Here...[ Read More... ]
**Update, as of Ultimate Web Builder 3.4 (all versions!), you can easily format your webpage using Divs, as described here: Further Formatting Webpage With Divs - Without Coding! Now onto creating tables, for tabular data (like our comparison...[ Read More... ]
You can stylize your website calendars via the Admin Panel Style Manager.     On the Styles Manager page, click on the "Calndar" link to get the Calendar Styles page.     Then, on the Edit Calendar Styles page make the...[ Read More... ]
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