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Further Formatting Webpage With Tables

**Update, as of Ultimate Web Builder 3.4 (all versions!), you can easily format your webpage using Divs, as described here: Further Formatting Webpage With Divs - Without Coding!

Now onto creating tables, for tabular data (like our comparison charts online):

On the Pages > Add Page / Edit Page you can use the Page Editor Box to further customize/format your webpage, not just add content/inline photos.

Editor Table Insert Button, Ultimate Web Builder softwareClick on the Insert Table Button on the Add Page/Edit Page Editor Box to insert a table onto your Page Text Section, and further format the section.  (For those who are experienced at programming, you may opt to use the Edit HTML button in the Editor to use more DIVS for further formatting, via hand coding.)

Insert Table on Page, Ultimate Web Builder software

This will pop-up the Table Properties Box, where you can choose the number of rows, columns, the width, and more.  If you want to specify the width of your table, enter either the pixel value (just the number), or the percentage value folowed by "%" (without the quotes).

Advanced Table Properties, Ultimate Web Builder software

You can click on the Advanced Tab to add some table style properties if you would like.  If you are choosing a border color and then are surprised that your table doesn't show the border - make sure you enter a value greater than 0 from the Border property in the General tab of the Table Properties Box!

Page Editor Table, Ultimate Web Builder software 

After creating a table, you can edit the Table Properties, add rows/columns, delete rows/columns, merge/split table cells, and other formatting/style changes by right clicking on the Table for more Options, or clicking on the Table icon again, while your mouse is clicked in the Table space.

Editing Table, Ultimate Web Builder Software

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