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How to automatically add Facebook meta tags to your webpages

You can use the Social Meta Tags App for Facebook (UltimateWB Full) to automatically include Facebook meta tags on pages for better Facebook post display/traffic when using Facebook like, share/posting.

Go to Admin Panel > Configure Site > Social Networking > Social Login & Meta Tags Page.

Social Networking Setup


Jump to the Social Meta Tags section towards the bottom of this page:

Social Meta Tags

Here you have options to add Facebook meta tags automatically to your pages, articles, listings, classifieds, scrapbooks, photo uploads, video uploads, file uploads, calendar events, forum topics, custom pages, member public profile pages.

Facebook meta tags include: image (og:image), url (og:url), title (og:title), description (og:description), type (og:type), Facebook App ID (fb:app_id), and Facebook admins (fb:admins) - choose which ones you would like to include in your pages

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