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Adding Google Ads, You Tube Videos, Gym Chat Videos/Media Feeds, Google Analytics, and other Plugins

Go to the Ad(d)s > Add Ad(d) tab to embed ads such as Google AdSense or other media to your website and integrate into your pages.

Ultimate Web Builder Ads Management/Adds - YouTube, Gym Chat, and others (17)

For Ads and "Adds". Get Your Google, Yahoo, other ad code, YouTube embed code, Gym Chat embed code, or other embed code from its respective site and copy/paste it in the Code Text field of the "Ad(d)s" section of your Admin Panel. 

After adding, go to Ad(d)s > Ad(d)s List to go to the list of Ad(d)s and get the "Placeholder Text" to insert on any page you created.  Click on the Placeholder Text field and it will copy the Placeholder Text to your clipboard.

Ultimate Web Builder Ads Management/Adds - YouTube, Gym Chat, and others (19)


Go to the page where you want to insert it by mousing over the top row Pages tab and choosing the page from the drop down menu, or going to Pages > List Page and clicking the Edit icon on the row of the page you want.  When you're on the page, click on the editor box where you want it, and paste the Placeholder Text (either press CTRL-v on your keyboard or click on the paste icon on the top of the box) where you want.  The ad, video, media, or whatever the embed code is for will display if Status is set to Active!  Again, like the other sections, when you update your embed code in your Ad(d)s section, each instance of the Ad(d) in your pages will automatically be updated too.

The Ad(d) "After connection file code" and the Ad(d) "Before page html start code" are automatically inserted and processed after your webpage's connection file (where it connects to the website database) and before the webpage html start, respectively.

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