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Web Definitions

It helps to know what you're reading about as you set out to design, create & build, and manage your own website.  So here's some terms and definitions you might encounter as you are researching what kind of website you want to build and learning how you want to build it.

Admin Panel
This the backend of your website, where you can login with your username and password to manage your website.  With Ultimate Web Builder software you can not only manage the content of your website, but also the design, members, subscribers, ads, payments, and items if you're selling any.

Blog (vs Website)
A blog consists of a series of articles, typically organized in categories, and tagged with keywords.  Ultimate Web Builder software comes with an integrated blog app (WordPress).  Check out our Ultimate Web Builder blog as an example.

CMS (Content Management System)
This is a system of organizing content on your website.  All CMS are not the same.  A blog is a type of CMS.  You get the greatest amount of flexibility with the CMS offered in the dynamic Ultimate Web Builder software.  Organize all types of content - including photos, links, items, ads, members, subscribers, stylesheets, and more!

Code Injection (type of hacking)
If software coding is not secure and does not validate data that is received, hackers may exploit this by having the code process invalid data.  The hacker introduces (or "inject") code into the insecure computer program and change how the program was intended to work.

Cross-Browser & Cross Platform Compatibility
If your website is cross-browser and cross platform compatible, it means that it works on the major internet search engines, computers, and perhaps even tablets and smart phones too.  With Ultimate Web Builder software you can build a fully cross-browser/platform compatible website - that means it will display correctly on tablets and smart phones too!

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets.  It is coding used to stylize your website.  Ultimate Web Builder software does the CSS coding for you in your Admin Panel Styles Manager.  If you know css coding, you can optionally add your own css coding there too, besides in the Admin Panel Ad(d)s section.

Domain Name
This is your website address, i.e. URL.

Drop-Down Menu - Top Level Tabs / Sub Level Tabs
A drop-down menu is a menu where you mouse over the top level tabs (first row), and you get sub level tabs appearing below it - i.e. the drop-down menu.

E-Commerce - a.k.a Shopping Cart 
An e-commerce website is one where you are selling items or services, meaning your website has some kind of integrated shopping cart.  With Ultimate Web Builder software you get the best e-commerce app available to you to easily integrate and customize your website shopping cart experience.  Plus, you can create coupon codes for store sales & promotions, manage inventory, manage payments, and even set automatic downloads after purchase & payment confirmation (useful for example if you are selling online photos, videos, or music downloads).

Mailing List - Subscribers, Mail Groups, HTML Mailers
Mailing List forms are used for gathering email addresses, names, and other optional info from website visitors interested in being emailed with news, special promotions, etc - i.e. mailers.  HTML Mailers categorize mailers, or emails, that contain special styling, integrated images ... in another words it's not just plain text emails.  You can create a mailing list, mail groups, and mailers without any experience with Ultimate Web Builder software.  Users are called subscribers when they add their email, ie. "subscribe".  If they remove their email from the mailing list, it is called "unsubscribing". 

Responsive Web Design (RWD)
Web design technique used to create one website that automatically reformats for the best user viewing experience on a variety of devices and screen widths, i.e. desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. UltimateWB comes with a built-in Responsive App!  Check out your website on the Responsive Check Tool here.

Search Engine
Search engine is what Google is and Yahoo is - they serve as the engine to provide you with the content you are searching for.

Search Engine Friendly URLs, a.k.a Clean or Pretty URLs, & Content
If your website is search engine friendly it means that search engines can easily read and index your website.  Search Engine Friendly URLs, a.k.a clean or prett urls, contain words rich with keywords, rather than a question mark followed by a row of numbers or letters to index your webpage, such as index.php?id=123.  With Ultimate Web Builder software you get both search engine friendly/clean/pretty URLs and content - a search engine (and user!) friendly website.  You choose the name of your webpage URL (the link to your webpage).  Read more about Clean & Pretty URLs on our blog post here: What are pretty or clean URLs?  They are good and UltimateWB has them!

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
SEO is the acronym for search engine optimization, meaning optimizing your website for search engines, in order to have top Search Engine Ranking.  Ultimate Web Builder comes with an easy built-in SEO tool to get that top ranking on Google, Yahoo, and other top search engines.

Search Engine Ranking / Target Keywords
The higher your website is listed on the search engine for the searched keywords, the better your search engine ranking.  #1 for your target keyword - the keywords you would like your website to come up for in search engines - is top ranking.  Girst page of Google / Yahoo is a good goal.  We have gotten excellent results and feedback from websites using the Ultimate WebBuilder SEO tool and our SEO tips.

Social Login
An easy & fast way to allow your members to register and login to your website, via a 3rd Party Social Networking website.  UltimateWB Full software has a built-in Social Login app that allows you to easily allow members sign ups and login via Google and Facebook!

Social Networking
Social Network Websites contain a community where members can interact with one another.  You can integrate social networking plugins in your website to promote and market your website.  Easy using Ultimate Web Buider's Ad(d)s Management tool.  The Ultimate Web Builder e-commerce app also comes with built-in social networking plugins that you can activate, so website visitors can Facebook Like, Tweet, or Google +1 the items you are selling on your website.

This is the link to your website or individual webpages.  The URL to this page is http://www.ultimatewb.com/website-building-terms-definitions - now, that's a Search Engine & User Friendly URL.

Web Hosting
This puts your website online.  Every website needs a web server, i.e. web hosting.

Website Builder
Website builder can refer to someone who build websites, or to software that assists in building a website.  The best website builder software - Ultimate Web Builder.  Play with the Demo Admin Panel if you are still deciding.