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You can get the Placeholder Text for your Languages/Configs Switch Menu on the Admin Panel > Configure Site > Languages/Configs page.  Sylize the menu how you want it, choosing the options from the menus, and then copy the Placeholder...[ Read More... ]
Go to the Configure Site > Languages/Configs menu tab to manage and add more Languages/Configurations to your website.     This will take you to the list of Languages / Configurations in your website, by default English:...[ Read More... ]
Go to the Configure Site > Basic Setup / Social Networking / E-Commerce tabs to setup the configurations in the respective categories.  These include language phrases as well.  You can put your website in any language you want.  To...[ Read More... ]
The software will automatically display the menu links and footer links for the Language/Configuration the web visitor has chosen, or the default one if they have not selected a Language/Configuration (you set the default on the Add/Edit...[ Read More... ]
It is very easy to create multi-level drop down menus for your website.  On the Pages > Add Page / Edit Page sections you may choose where your webpage is located in the navigation menu by choosing its Parent Page - or make it a Top Level...[ Read More... ]
You can easily add a non-scrolling top row - or footer row - to your website.  The UltimateWB website has a non-scrolling top row.  We use it to allow users to login/access their account easily, and also to make the menu always available...[ Read More... ]
With all UltimateWB versions from 7.5, you can easily turn your simple website into a one-page website with the click of a button, and also turn it back to an X-page website with the click of a button. It's easy with the UltimateWB One-Page Website...[ Read More... ]
In the Edit Profile section on the Configure Site > Social Networking page, you can choose whether to use Profile Pictures/Avatars, customize the sizing, and language used. If you create Avatar Categories and upload Avatars to your website,...[ Read More... ]
Whether you are just starting to create your website or already have built your website with Ultimate Web Builder, you can switch to Responsive Web Design (RWD) with one click of a button.  Just turn the Responsive App ON.  We already have...[ Read More... ]
Starting from Ultimate Web Builder 3.4 - all versions! - we have made it a lot easier to format your webpages further than the Page Format you choose, using Divs.  No coding necessary. You can (A) Set a Div Format for a one paragraph section,...[ Read More... ]
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